Sip on a delightfully infused gin-martini as you find yourself captivated by extraordinary aerial displays, toe-tapping jazz melodies, awe-inspiring vocals, mesmerizing choreography, and resplendent costumes. These ageless vaudeville acts have been reimagined to cast a spell over the ultimate Summer soirée.

GATSBY stands as an innovative creation by the same masterminds behind the acclaimed L’Hotel, guided by director Craig Ilott, renowned for the spectacular rendition of Amadeus in 2022 and the disco-infused sensation, Velvet Rewired in 2023.

Come for the meticulously crafted cocktails, delectable party bites, spirited crowd, unbridled revelry, iconic fashion, and of course, the sensational spectacle. Dress to impress your host.

Prepare for a roaring affair as you travel between time and place with the spirit of Gatsby reigning supreme.

The dazzling experience at The Green Light awaits you this summer … among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars.

Sydney Opera House and Caper & Crow Present

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Craig Ilott
SOHP and Caper & Crow
Written By
Craig Ilott and Stuart Couzens
Set & Costume Designer
Stuart Couzens
Set Designer
Renier Jansen van Vuuren, Alfred
Costume Designer
Mason Browne, Rose Jurd, Alfred
Lighting Designer
Matthew Marshall
Music Director
Kim Moyes
Lucas Newland
Bettie Bombshell
Florian Brooks
Jemma Crump
Bayley Graham
Oscar Kaufmann
Miranda Menzies
Beau Sargent
Zac Smith
Elke Uhd
Clayton Church
Erin Gaw
Jaimie Nirvana
Tiana Vassallo
Thomas Young
Maddi Xuereb
Willa Bell Klemm