Starring acclaimed actor Michael Sheen (The Twilight Saga, The Queen, Masters of Sex, Good Omens) as Antonio Salieri, Rahel Romahn (Here Out West, Shantaram, Lord of The Flies) as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Lily Balatincz (Constellations, The Eggs, Stop the Virgens) as Constanze Mozart.

Theatre, opera and classical music come together in this momentous production that reimagines the lives of Salieri and Mozart. Fuelled by ambition, obsession, and betrayal, uncover Salieri’s inner torment as he grapples with Mozart’s genius and sets out to destroy the brilliant, flamboyant young star.

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Sydney Theatre Awards (2023)

Six nominations including Best Mainstage Production and Best Director


SOHP, Redline Productions, GWB
Written By
Peter Schaffer
Set Designer
Michael Scott-Mitchell
Costume Designer
Anna Cordingly & Romance Was Born
Lighting Designer
Nick Schlieper 
Music Director
Sarah-Grace Williams
Sound Engineer
Tony David Cray
Samantha Chester
Michael Sheen
Rahel Romahn
Lily Balatincz
Toby Schmitz
Joseph ‘Wunujaka’ Althouse
Sean O’Shea
Belinda Giblin
Josh Quong Tart
Michael Denkha
Katherine Allen
Arky Michael
Blazey Best
‘Ana Ika
Gabriel Fancourt
Laura Scandizzo
Daniel Verschuer
Michaela Leisk
Joshua Oxley
Daniel Macey
Glenn Hazeldine